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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO - Is the art of getting search engines to discover and rank the content on your website.  When someone types a query into search engines they run through all the websites they have indexed to give the most relevant ones in the search result.  So you want your site to be among those most relevant for the keywords relevant to your business. Ideally you want to be towards the top of the first page of the search results as people do not often look further than that.

The guides below will help you understand search engine optimisation and how to get your website ranking well in search results.  They will also teach you about Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools which help you assess the effectiveness of your SEO.  SEO may sound confusing but it is basically a set of common sense principles with one ultimate goal in mind... to give people the content most relevant to their search and not a load of spam.

Beginners guide to seo for small businesses

Search Engine Optimisation for Beginners

4 key principles of search engine optimisation
The 4 key principles of SEO

Google analytics guide for beginners

Get the most from Google Analytics