Using private Pinterest boards

How to use secret Pinterest board

How to use secret Pinterest boards

What are Private Pinterest Boards?

Private/secret Pinterest boards are just like normal Pinterest boards except only you (and anyone you add to the board) can view them.   You pin to them the same way you would any other board and they show (to you only) at the bottom of all your boards when you are on your profile page.    When you are adding a pin the dropdown list of boards that you can pin to will show a little padlock next to private boards so you know it is a private board.  You used to be limited to a maximum of 3 private boards at a time but now they are unlimited.  If you've ever wondered wheat you can use these secret boards on Pinterest for then carry on reading for a few ideas.

What can I use the secret boards on Pinterest for?

What can you use them for?

Shopping lists

You may spot things you want to buy online that you don’t necessarily want to share with everyone.  I’m sure most of us have boards of all the pretty handmade items and craft supplies we want to buy that we happily share with everyone. 

But what about when for example you are looking at boring things like a new washing machine?  Do your followers really want to see pins of different washing machines?  But you may be looking at different models and makes, or different places to buy etc and want to save all them somewhere.  Where better than on a Pinterest board when you can see all the different models, sites and prices at a glance?


I’m always researching ideas for blog posts, articles for my site, books I am writing and articles I'm writing for magazines.  I don’t necessarily want everyone else to see what I am working on in case they decide to write about the same thing after seeing my pins...and then I would have already done their research for them!

By creating research boards I can keep them all in one place and not have to scroll through a huge bookmark menu and try to remember what is what.  On a Pinterest pin you can write a description and fit in more information than you could if you were saving something as a bookmark.

Using private Pinterest boards for research

Sharing things with a select few

You could use a private board as a way of sharing photos of your sewing makes with the rest of your sewing group or class.  They can also add their own pictures so you can have them all together in one place to share and discuss without having to show them to everyone.  Alternatively you can use it to share private photos with family or friends.

Separating hobbies & interests

You may have a big collection of craft boards and all your followers are crafters but you could also be really into Star Wars, or football.  If you are worried that posting loads of pins about your other interests will result in people unfollowing you then pop them on a private board instead.   You can still see them whenever you want but they won’t come up in people’s feeds.

How to use private or secret boards on Pinterest

Gift planning

Coming from a large family means that I have to start planning Christmas well in advance, from about June onwards I am on the look out for gifts.  You can use your Private Pinterest boards to pin images of any potential presents you spot whilst browsing the net, then decide what to buy at a later date.  By keeping it private you do not run the risk of any of the people you are buying for seeing what you plan to get them.

Equally do take a look at their boards when looking for ideas as many people have a 'things I love' or 'things I want to buy' type board so you could pin some of the things they want onto your gift board and make a note in the description who you want to buy it for.   For those of you who love sewing, or are buying for people who sew do take a look at my gifts for people who sew board (which is public).

Preparing boards to put live at a later date

You may have an idea for a board but don’t have the time to add lots of pins at once, or want to gather pins over time.  You can do this as a private board so no one else can see what you are doing and then when you are ready you can change it to a public board so everyone else can see it.  That way people won’t be clicking on a board that only has 2 or 3 pins on it but a board with lots of great pins that will make them want to follow it.