Faccebook Scheduling

Learn how to pre-schedule you social media updates


Scheduled posts on Facebook

Facebook seem to be constantly evolving, just when you get used to it they switch things up on you again!  You used to be able to pre-schedule posts by clicking a clock on the bottom left of the status box, now that has been replaced by the targetting option.  So now if you want to schedule your post you need to click on the white arrow next to the word 'post' in the bottom right hand corner as per the image above.  You'll see the option to 'schedule post' appear at the top of the list of options.

Scheduling posts on your business Facebook page

Select that and you will get a pop up on your screen like the one above.  Clicking on the calendar picture your can pick a date for your post to go live, any time in the next 6 months.  Annoyingly you cannot just type a time eg. 15.00 for 3pm, you have to first click on the hour figure and overtype that with the time you want.  Then click onto the minutes and type in the minutes you want.  Once the time and date is set you can then press 'schedule' to schedule your post.

Where to find your scheduled posts on Facebook

To see the posts you have scheduled they can be found just below the status box on your page as per the image above. If you select 'see posts' it will bring up your pre-scheduled posts in date/time order, the next one due to go live at the top of the page.  From there you can delete posts, edit them, change the scheduled time for it to go live or make it go live straight away.  You can do this by using the grey arrow in the top right of any of the scheduled posts, it's quite faint but have a close look and you'll spot it.

You can also access them by clicking the 'activity' tab at the top of your page and then 'scheduled posts' near the top left of the screen.


You may have spotted that there is now an option to save your post as a draft, so you can come back to it later.  Draft posts also appear just below your status bokx (as you can see in the image above).   Just click 'see draft' to find your drafts, you can then edit them and either put them live straight away or schedule them to go live in the future.  I couldn't find an option to delete your draft post.  To delete mine I scheduled it for later in the date and then went into scheduled posts and deleted it from there.

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