I wanted to provide some extra resources on this site that either wouldn't fit in the book, or are in the book but you might prefer to print then up and not write on the book itself.  Just click the hyperlinks below to download them. I've put them in the order they appear in the book.

Competitor Analysis - From page 27 of the book.  At the market research stage of your business you need to be assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, fill in your observations on this download.

Pricing Calculation Sheet - From page 30 of the book.  Keep a track of the costs and time involved in making your products so you Downloads to accompany Craft a Creative Businesscan calculate the price to charge.

Annual Business Review Form - From page 41 of the book.  I've also included a Word document version of this form (here) in case you want to update it and change it around to best suit your business.

24 Goals List - This download accompanies the goals activity on page 43 of the book.

Accounts Spreadsheet - This is an excel spreadsheet with formulas already inputted.  Just change the column names to reflect those relevant to your business.  Do bear in mind if you add or remove columns you may need to adjust the formulas to ensure they stil work. I've put some notes on there to help you understand how the spreadsheet works do delete those once you've read through them. This accompanies section 2 of the book.

Social Media Planning - From page 134 of the book.  It's also much easier to plan in advance what you want to share on social media so you aren't struggling for content.  Use this to keep a note of what you plan to share and when. 

Press Contacts - This is a list of magazine contact details that I have, as per page 225 of the book I recommend you build your own database. I have left this as a Word Document so you can save it to your computer and add in new details as you find them. It was up to date when I added it (Autumn 14) but editors, and even magazines seem to change around a lot lately so I can't guarantee they will all work.

Are there any other downloads you'd like me to add?  Contact me and let me know.