Customer Retention

Keeping your customers coming back for more

How to keep your customers coming back for me

It’s great to know that you can attract new customers, but the key is to keep them coming back so you build a regular loyal customer base.  It's cheaper to keep hold of your current customers than to pay to reach new customers.

So how can you keep your customers coming back for more?

Customer service

Number one has to be deliver brilliant customer service.  Make sure your customer leaves happy so they are a lot more likely to come back in the future. Be attentive, deal with queries in a timely manner, making shopping a pleasant experience for your customers and sell good quality products.

Loyalty schemes 

You could offer your customers points for every pound they spend.  Alternatively you could give them a card you stamp with each order they make/class they book and once it’s complete they get something for free (this can be done virtually for online shops).   You could offer members of the loyalty scheme discounts or free delivery when they spend a set amount.


You could enclose a voucher with each purchase for money off the next order, free postage, free gift if they spend over £x on their next visit etc.  You might want to put an expiry on it to encourage people to return whilst it's fairly fresh in their minds.

How to build customer loyalty


Free Samples

You could include samples in with people’s purchases to encourage them to come buy other products in the future.


You could include a flyer with photos of your new products, or a catalogue to tempt them to come back and buy other products in the future.  If you run craft classes include a copy of your timetable so they know what courses are coming up.

Newsletters/social media

Encourage customers to sign up to your newsletter, and follow you on social media so you can share exclusive offers with them.  They allow you to build a relationship over time with your customers, and give them an easy way to ask questions.

Refer a friend

Offer a refer a friend deal, this could bring you new customers and give existing customers a reason to come back to use the voucher/discount they’d get for referring someone.