Craft Wholesalers

Craft wholesale suppliers

Once you decide to turn your love of craft into a business one of the first things you need to do is find somewhere to buy your supplies at wholesale prices.  If you continue to buy retail you will have to price your products much higher to cover your costs.  Bring the materials cost down and you'll havmore profit and less costs.  There's a few places you can find wholesale suppliers:

1)  I have a big list of wholesalers (mainly fabric and haberdashery ones) on my Sewing Directory website here.

2) Trade magazines such as Craft Focus and Craft Business have many craft wholesale businesses advertising in their publications plus supplier directories on their websites.

3) Trade shows much as Craft, Hobby & Stitch International are a great place to find hundreds of wholesalers all in one place.


Rather than duplicate my list of craft wholesalers on this website I've decided to interview a different wholesaler every month or so and find out more about what they offer and how you can set up an account with them.   Click on the names to go straight to their interview: 

Hantex - Korbond


First up we have:

Hantex -

Paul & Jacqui Smith founders of Hantex craft distributors

Paul & Jacqui Smith Founders of Hantex   


What made you set up your wholesale/distribution business?

We saw a gap in the market for a wholesaler who had a clearer vision of where the sewing and knitting market was going and could supply businesses with those products in a more efficient way than had previously been done.  Previously we had worked in telecoms and systems.

What products do you offer? 

We supply … Fabrics (Art Gallery, Cloud9, Exclusively Quilters, Calico and other utility fabrics as well as our own Batiks and Bali Hand Dyes), Creative Sewing (Kits, Prym Notions, Stencils, Paper piecing, Patterns, Bag Making Accessories, Waddings, Interfacings), Woolfelt, Buttons (Dress It Up, Deknofa, La Mode, Button Fun), Ribbons, Ric Rac, Pom Poms, Die Cutting, Knitting yarns, needles and accessories

What makes you different from other wholesalers? 

We have focused on nurturing good Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Media relationships and this has led to more innovative products and greater understanding of the market and trends. We also have an online ordering system that provides complete information about products and we always ensure that every product is online and available to order, including each fabric!

cloud9 fabrics distributed by Hantex

What products are proving popular at the moment? 

Our range of fabrics are particularly popular at present but really anything related to the modern sewing trend is particularly buoyant.  With interest in making wearables on the rise we are seeing a demand for specialist interfacings and shops who have a good knowledge of this area have a real advantage.  Higher quality patterns such as Colette and April Rhodes are also very popular indicating that social media plays an important role in marketing sewing products.

Are there any minimum requirements for a business to set up an account with you? 

The minimum initial order for customers to start trading with us is £130 ex vat with a minimum annual spend of £500 to maintain wholesale terms. Businesses must be either reselling products or using them for manufacturing on a commercial scale.

indelible from Art gallery Fabrics

If someone wants to set up an account with you how do they go about it?

Before starting to trade, customers must complete a registration form and in the case of new businesses provide us with proof that they will actually be trading - we can give guidance with what is required.  

What trends do you anticipate for 2015? hantex knit sew craft wholesale suppliers

The past few years have seen an extraordinary influx of new enthusiasts taking up sewing as a hobby and retailers have reacted quite rightly by focusing primarily on beginners.  To keep these beginners interested in sewing and move them onto the next stage is the current challenge and represents a trend in it’s own right.   Retailers who take the plunge into more sophisticated designs that are challenging to work with, will open themselves up to more possibilities with a customer base who are both dedicated and more likely to spend higher sums of money.

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Korbond -

What lead to you setting up your wholesale business?

The early 70’s saw a growth in consumer haberdashery, and Korbond switched the focus from industrial production to service the consumer markets. The brand quickly established itself across Australia and New Zealand as the “Care & Repair Brand”, and was then launched in the UK market in the early 80’s. Over the next few years the range expanded to encompass a wide range of sewing, mending, alteration and clothes care products. Many of these products still remain at the core of the range today.

Korbond are now respected as haberdashery experts Korbond and work closely with grocery retailers, high street stores, convenience stores, independent and speciality stores, large national wholesalers and digital outlets. We are very proud of our customer base and consistently seek to exceed our reputation of a brand established on superb product quality, supported by excellent service, representing great value for the consumer.

Haberdashery products from Korbond

What products do you offer?

There are over 300 products within our entire portfolio delivering a range of sewing, clothes care and crafting tools and accessories. We have two brands that are available to retailers, firstly our Korbond Care & Repair brand and secondly our Creations by Korbond brand. The Care & Repair brand is established upon the fundamental foundation of providing a tailored selection of the bestselling products, packaged and presented ready for the retail environment.

Creations by Korbond is a dedicated craft brand featuring a wide selection of carefully engineered crafting tools and accessories, modern storage solutions and gifting items for the haberdashery and craft market. The products are bright, colourful and fun, focusing on high quality that is expected from a professional range. 

What makes you different from other wholesalers? 

Haberdashery products from KorbondKorbond are the UK’s No. 1 brand for haberdashery, clothes care and crafting accessories and tools. Our reputation in the industry is second to none and our sales team have a wealth of experience and tailor our advice to ensure that all customers are serviced with the right product and merchandising solutions to meet their needs.

With Korbond flexibility is key and we like to ensure retailers can engage with us in a simple and efficient manner. We try to remove the stress and hassle from the ordering process, by empowering the retailer to place the order that suits them, their budget, and their consumers. In addition to this we continue to promote our brands within industry and consumer magazines, and utilise our website and social media to engage with consumers. We feel that it is important to continue to invest in our brands, and retailers expect this support.

What products are proving popular at the moment?

A core selection always remain popular; safety pins, hemming web, sewing needles and threads. Basically the essentials that you would expect to find within any sewing basket. Demand remains strong for knitting accessories and crochet hooks as these continue to be popular hobbies. We are also receiving excellent feedback from our sewing basket and storage range.

Are there any minimum requirements for a business to set up an account with you? 

Trading with Korbond could not be easier. Retailers do not need to open a trade account to purchase from Korbond and we welcome retailers of all shapes and sizes.

  1. We offer trade discounts, trading terms and growth incentives for volume purchases.
  2. We offer a single pick ordering system where retailers are not obliged to adhere to large pack sizes.
  3. We do not enforce a minimum order quantity, this allows the retailer to take small quantities and expand their offerings without considerable upfront investment.
  4. Free delivery on all orders over £50.
  5. Payment can be via Debit card, Credit Card, Cheque or trading terms.
  6. There are no annual commitments to volumes.

Creations sewing boxes from KorbondWhat trends do you anticipate for 2015?

We invest a lot in market research to keep in check with latest trends and take this into account when refreshing our portfolio. For example one of the key areas we focus on is the refreshing of the fabrics for our Sewing Basket and storage solutions. Without revealing too much about next seasons Sewing Basket fabrics, we predict pattern combinations using powerful colours with sharp black contrast accents will be fashionable in 2015.

To find out more about Korbond please visit:  or find them on Facebook and Twitter